so i heard these kids like waterbowls

the entire day

how are you not a fattyprune

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Life is hard.

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good lord

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Anonymous Asked: Hi, I'm a newbie to the world of snakes. I plan on getting a ball python in a few years after I move out (I'm sixteen at the moment), and I'm doing as much research as possible about the care. One thing I haven't even thought to look up yet, is what is inside their mouths? They look toothless but that seems impossible. I know this is a pretty dumb question, but we all have to start somewhere!!

Okay, most pictures you see of a ball python with it’s mouth open make it look like they have soft, gummy lil chompers. However, like every snake, ball pythons do have teeth. The teeth are just hidden in those fleshy little wrinkles in their mouths, so a lot of the time they look like tiny pointy bits if you can even see them. So to give you a better understanding of what the teeth look like, this is a ball python skull.

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Eros demonstrating some python yoga.

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i was thinking about tattoo ideas and looking at my fish and thought “hey a fish footprint could be cool. cause people get dog and cat footprints why not a fish’

i can tell you exactly why not a fish

I choked on my soda laughing at this

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Ball of pythons.

Eros and Psyche were given to me in the same bag. They’re separated into their own bins now and will never cohabit, but this was cute.

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I like it when people in the hobby justify any shitty opinion they have just by stating they’ve been in the hobby “longer than you’ve been alive”

like congrats, you’re old

I still know my shit


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